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Kurayoshi Town Hotel Kurayoshi City Hotel Sun Hotel Kurayoshi Kurayoshi Urban Hotel
Business Hotel Saiki Hotel St. Palace
Hotel Arc 21 Business Inn Suwabe Business Inn Take no Ya
Makita Ryokan Fukusuke
Ishii Ryokan Matsubara

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panoramic view ■Japan Institute Ryokan Association■
Shoufuusou Ryokan
〒682-0863 Tottori-ken Kurayoshi-shi Sesaki-machi 2751-1
TEL +81-858-22-6363 FAX +81-858-23-0520
E-mail office@sirakabe.jp
Link to homepage https://www.sirakabe.jp/Link to homepage

Renovation of each room is completed in 2019.
May I help you Inn-lit Japanese paper and specialty light "button pot".
Located in the heart of Kurayoshi, hotel is convenient Kurayosi future center, city hall Kurayoshi, Kurayoshi athletic field, white-walled storehouse group, such as "red tile", Pear Museum, Figure Museum, to go to wherever.
It is a 15-minute drive to Gosho Aoyama Furusatokan (Detective Conan) via San-in Expressway Kurayoshi IC.
Introduction specialty has been loved for more than 30 years "button pot", we look forward to welcoming everyone in the space of Japanese paper-friendly light.

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Walking (Nearest station)15 minute from Kurayoshi train station of the JR Saninhonsen line by bus
(Nearest bus stop) 5 minute walk from Shinmachi bus stop
            5 minute walk from Sesakimachi(Nojimabyouinmae) bus stop
By car 1 hours from Yonago motorway Yuhara IC
3 minutes from San-in Expressway Kurayoshi IC
1 hour from the Chugoku Expressway In'nosho IC
Hokuei Kurayoshi motorway ( free) Kurayoshi 5 minutes from IC
JR Kurayoshi 10 minutes Parking available 30 cars equipped than Station ( free) large buses , large trucks can be accommodated

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Check-in 16:00〜 (last check-in 21:00)
Please contact us if you will arrive at a later time.
Checkout 〜10:00
Number of Rooms Maximum Capacity
10 rooms 2 rooms
36 people
Basic Rates for Lodging (tax included)-prices are for 1
Breakfast &
¥5,800〜 ¥6,300〜 ¥7,500〜
*Twin(Rooms available with a capacity for a minimum of 2
people / maximum of 10 people in 1 room)
Breakfast &
¥5,300〜 ¥5,800〜 ¥7,000〜
Rooms and meals differ with plan. Price varies according to plan.
Advantageous long-term stay discount. Please call for long-term stay rates.
Prices vary for days prior to a holiday or special holidays. Please contact us for details.

A traveler elementary school students (children) will be charged 80% of the adult rate.

Rates infant, the infant is as follows.
・Meals, 4,100 yen with futon
 (dinner: Child-lunch breakfast: menu for children)
・Only 3,100 yen meal
 (dinner: Child-lunch breakfast: menu for children)
・2,000 yen only futon
・Nothing without 1,000 yen
Please contact us for further information.
Breakfast and dinner is not available on all sundays and mondays.
Please confirm with your reservation.

『Botan No Ma』
Japanese-modern Room

wild boar stew
button pot

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All rooms are equipped with a heater and air conditioner.
There are Japanese modern rooms.
Bathtubs are available in 10 of the 12 rooms.
television, robe, bath towel, towel, toothbrush, hairdryer, hot water pot, refrigerator
(depending on room), 10 rooms with bathtub and toilet
Rooms available for large parties of up to 10 people.
Pets are allowed upon request. Please contact for more details.
【Small and midsized dogs are allow in rooms. 】
Due to the Passive Smoking Prevention Law, smoking is prohibited throughout the building. (All guest rooms) Smoking areas are provided with ashtrays outside the main building entrance and south entrance, so please use that.

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Air conditioning throughout the building.
Banquet room (Matsukaze -40 tatami mat size)
Restaurant Yukari (up to 30 people)
Public bath
Mens public bath : Koto no yu
(artificial mineral hot springs)
Ladies public bath : Hana no yu
(artificial mineral hot springs)
24hr vending machines
24 hr coin laundry (additional charge)
Please contact the front desk to send off packages.
Parking available.
30 free parking spots
Parking available for oversized vehicles and buses
No pickup or drop off services available.
Internet can be connected in all rooms wireless Wi-Fi ・ wired LAN at the same time .

『Matu No Ma』


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We readily accept Visa, JCB, UC, NICOS, Diners Club, Million, AMEX, Cedyna CF Card credit cards.
Various cards, cashless, QR code payment is also supported.
/ kitaca / Suica / talCa / manaca / ICOCA / SUGOCA / nimoca / Hayakaken / LINE Pay / Pay Pay / Rakuten Pay

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